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VerifyPass Honor Discounts Page


In honor of our everyday heroes, we thank you for all the do-gooding you do and how you support our families and our communities.

We believe hard work should be rewarded, especially for those who specialize in helping people and making the world a better, safer place. To show our appreciation, PopSockets is proud to offer an exclusive 15% discount on PopSocket.com purchases to Non-Profit, Responders, Medical, Teachers, Seniors, and Military.*

Thanks, Heroes. With PopSockets you can grip easier, stand taller, and customize to show off your style, your passion, and your life. To get your discount code, please click on the link below that corresponds to your group and and apply it to your order today. Thanks!

*Discount codes cannot be combined. Codes are unique and valid for one purchase only. For future purchases, you will need a fresh code from VerifyPass. Limit 1 per customer per 24 hours. Sharing your discount code is not permitted. Do not retrieve a discount code unless you intend to use it immediately. Sharing or harvesting codes will result in permanent ban from VerifyPass.